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The Wedgewood Rooms, also known as 'The Wedge' , is a 400 capacity Independent Live Music Venue located in Portsmouth, England. The venue has been nominated for the NME’s best small venue award three times and regularly hosts national and international touring acts, comedians, club and tribute nights.

More recently we’ve added film festivals, quiz nights and independent theatre to our program. Our smaller venue The Edge of the Wedge, (attached to The Wedge), regularly hosts local acts, smaller touring acts and DJs.

The Wedgewood Rooms and its small team have helped turn Portsmouth into a primary destination for many artists and comedians on the touring circuit, becoming a hub for Portsmouth's creative arts communities in the process. The overall aim is to provide the community of Portsmouth with a unique, independent space in which to experience and perform alongside some of the UK's most exciting and cutting edge touring artists

We love what we do, we hope that you do too.

You can explore our history via the VENUE HISTORY page and listen to acts who have played the venue over on SPOTIFY

Community Interest Company

The Wedgewood Rooms is a not-for-profit Community Interest Company (CIC) with a trading arm.

The CIC's main purpose is primarily one of community benefit rather than private profit.

The specific aims of The Wedgewood Rooms CIC include:

  • Managing and providing local venues and performance spaces to enable musicians and other creative artists to showcase their work.

  • Providing a programme of events that will allow opportunities for local residents to access regular live performances, including music, theatre and comedy. Delivering a diverse music and cultural programme is at the heart of this.

  • The CIC works closely with charitable groups providing them with event space for fundraising activities, as well as helping to develop a skills base within the groups and working in partnership on specific projects.

  • The CIC works with local educational establishments to provide facilities and space for the development of their creative arts students, as well as helping the students with their understanding of a professional music and creative environment.

We are proud to help and support all aspects of the community in which we live.


Inspired by recent events we have made a pledge to become more environmentally friendly.

We stopped using plastic straws in 2017, but since then we have made a commitment to achieving the following by the end of 2021:

  • Reducing our carbon footprint by converting all our lighting, both around the venue and on stage to LED

  • Increase the level of recycling of waste.

  • Whilst the plastic glasses that we use are recyclable, we are aiming to reduce their use, and introduce a deposit scheme on branded plastic glass ware that is designed for multiple use.

  • We will also take advice on how we can become more respectful towards our environment.

Website Acknowledgements

Special thank you to Nikki Court from Mix It All Up, Tony Palmer and Paul Windsor for contributing photos to our website. Check out their pages.

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