Covid -19 – An Update

June 2020

The question we have been asked more than any other is - “When are we re-opening?”

Possibly the most difficult question to find a correct answer for in these uncertain times, but this is what we know.

The bulk of the shows we do revolve around live music of one form or another and the core of that involves activities that currently the scientists still say are the most dangerous. People gathering together in a smallish space, for a period of time, singing, laughing, dancing and making physical contact is the essence of what we do, and is the thing that everyone advises we can’t do.

Currently there are no government guidelines or protocols for opening for live performance but we are, as part of the Music Venues Alliance(MVA) ,working with The Music Venues Trust (MVT)on a project called REVS – Reopening Every Venue Safely, - and are presenting this to government. Within that are calculations based around different degrees of social distancing for both 1 and 2 metre.

Under 2m social distancing the capacity of the Wedge falls to10%, and under 1m social distancing to 30%. There are logistics around bars and toilets and the performance itself but we have been looking at these. Sadly, with all the best will in the world the logistics are difficult, and more complicated than shops or pubs. And the economics of opening at these reduced levels just don’t work in a venue where we walk a fine line financially at all times.

As a group of venues the MVA has decided that it will be almost impossible to open in July, August and September safely, given what we know. Hence you may have seen a campaign for the government to fund venues for three months, and until they can open. We will therefore be rescheduling shows in those months to later dates. If you have tickets for a show then you will be notified of the new dates by email.

The other consideration we have is that when we do reopen, we will probably not be able to do this instantly, as a lot of the shows we do revolve around tour schedules in some cases, and around the fact that some bands (tribute bands for example), book their dates well in advance, and moving one has a domino effect on the others.

That all being said we are not down beat or down hearted – we all love what we do and will fight tooth and claw to keep doing it, it’s just a waiting game.

So please bare with us, we will be back as soon as we can.

Team Wedge


March 18th 2020

In light of recent recommendations from the government, and concern for our staff and customers we have decided to pause all events here at The Wedgewood Rooms with immediate effect, and for the foreseeable future, until we have all weathered the incoming storm.

We will obviously be monitoring how things progress and will take the appropriate action and advice from the professionals and will keep you informed.

We are currently working to reschedule as may shows as we can, on a show by show basis. Unfortunately some of the shows may well be cancelled completely. This is a bit of a logistics nightmare so please bear with us whilst we systematically work through.

We will send out weekly bulletins and updates about specific shows, in the afternoon on a Monday, to keep you all informed. The first one of these will follow later today. You should also receive clarification emails via Musicglue if you bought online.

To all those people who have sent the venue and its staff messages we would like to say thank you for your support. For those of you who have offered help and financial/fundraising support a very large thank you.

You can now support us by making a donation at

You can also support us by buying merchandise including t-shirts and old posters.

Besides that the best way to support us is to hold on to tickets for rescheduled dates and come to shows when we are through the other side.

At the moment there are many independent businesses that need your support as they are still trading, please support them.

Whilst we are closed for shows we will be trying to find a use for the building that can benefit the community along with deep cleaning and redecorating.

We are determined to get through this and will return when safe to do so.

Stay safe and once again thanks

All of us at The Wedge x

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