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The Flaming Stars  was formed in 1994 by lead singer and Ex-Gallon Drunk drummer Max Décharné, guitarists Huck Whitney and Mark Hosking, bassists Paul Dempsey, and Joe Whitney on the drums. The band was signed to the London-based, but Japanese owned, Vinyl Japan UK Ltd. The band first gained attention in Europe when they released their EP "Hospital, Heaven or Hell" which received praise from well known English radio personalities John Peel and Steve Lamacq, respectively. Because of this, they recorded six John Peel Sessions which were released throughout the 90s and eventually released together in 2000 on a double-disc album called The Six John Peel Sessions.

In 1996, the Stars released their first album, Songs From the Bar Room Floor, which was followed by Sell Your Soul to the Flaming Stars in 1999. In 2001, The Flaming Stars released A Walk on the Wired Side, a slight departure from their previous works. The album takes less from 1960's style garage rock and instead focused more on creating their own unique sound. The Star's gained a mild hit in the UK from their album A Walk on the Wired Side with the song, "Some Things You Don't Forget". The band received considerable attention in the U.K.'s underground scene while remaining fairly unknown in the United States. The Flaming Stars, not content with one album every few years, released their fifth studio album, Sunset & Void, in 2002.

Two years later in 2004, the Flaming Stars released Named and Shamed, their 10th anniversary album. In early 2006, Vinyl Japan went into receivership and the Star's were signed to Big Beat Records, which is owned by Ace Records [2]. On March 16, they released their first album on Big Beat, a 42 track compilation record titled London After Midnight: Singles, Rarities and Bar Room Floor-Fillers 1995-2005. In September 2006, they released their seventh studio album, Born Under a Bad Neon Sign.

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