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16/02/2020 17:00
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Day of Stranger Screening at 5.15 

DAY OF THE STRANGER; the only British guerrilla shot acid western ever made!
'I like mucho...tienes talento'' - ALEJANDRO JODOROWSKY

''Day of the Stranger feels right. Like Sergio Corbucci took a day trip to Rhyl. It shouldn't work... but it does.''- MJ SIMPSON; BRITISH HORROR REVIVAL
''A haunting, surreal vision...The visuals and aural accompaniment are something to behold...Part rugged cowboy gore-’em-up and part supernatural journey, this film is a treat.'' - JOSEPH PERRY; HORRORFUEL.COM

'Something that looks like El Topo filmed on a budget that wouldn’t buy a fast-food meal for the cast and crew. That is not a criticism...I found it enjoyably weird... It’s the kind of indie film we don’t see enough of. **** '- JIM MORAZZINI; VOICES FROM THE BALCONY

''Everything that an acid western should be.'' - DONOVAN SMITH; HOUSE OF TORTURED SOULS

Imdb link- https://www.imdb.com/title/tt4029234/?ref_=fn_al_tt_1

Trailer link-https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=gGEkdHRvYUg&t=8s

Atlantis Screening at 7.15

Bio on director Michael J Murphy-

Mike began making Standard 8mm films, aged 12, with school friends.

By 15 he made his first full length feature (Atlantis, City of Sin, 1966). Other features followed, shot on Super-8. (Theseus and the Minotaur, 1968, Boadicea, 1968.)

At 16 Mike worked as a trainee at ABPC Studios at Elstree and at MGM's Borehamwood studios.

At 17 Mike returned to his home in Portsmouth, frustrated by the "it's just a job attitude" of many he had encountered within the industry and continued to make his own independent low budget films. He worked with a stills photographer in the city, making 16mm films as a hobby. (See Saw (unfinished), 1969, Tristan and Iseult, 1970, Gods and Heroes, 1971, Happy Ever After, 1974, 7th Day (unfinished) 1976, Secrets, 1977, Insight (unfinished), 1978, Almost a Movie,1979, The Cell, 1979-80, Stay, 1980, Death in the Family, 1981)

With the late 1970's and 80's video library boom, Mike began to make more saleable films, with an exploitative element. Some of these features saw official release and distribution, which, for a period, allowed Mike to survive and continue financing his productions. Budgets were low ranging from £500 to £20,000, largely self financed.

(Invitation to Hell, 1982. The Last Night, 1982, Qualen, 1983, Bloodstream, 1985, Tristan, Legend of a Hero, 1986, Death Run, 1987, Avalon, 1988, Moonchild, 1989, Torment, 1989, Atlantis, 1990, Second Sight, 1991, Road to Nowhere, 1993,The Rite of Spring, 1995, Skare (film stock lost in post), 2001) This period saw Mike work with a group of actors that would resurface in many of his features, this "family" would play a major part in his life both personally and in facilitating his film making, which saw Mike make the transition to shooting on video, entering the digital realm.

(Roxi, 2005, Skare, 2007, ZK3, 2013, Nekros, 2014, The Return of Alan  Strange, 2015).

The magic of cinema drove him. Always a dreamer he loved the spectacle of grand films such as El Cid and Spartacus, the style of Hitchcock, he was intrigued by Fellini, enjoyed the homespun security of early Hammer Films and the artistry of Dario Agento. He gained a reputation for horror, but this was not his main interest. He would have rather made epics with casts of thousands, full of action, pageant and romance.

His ultimate aim was to entertain, he never took himself too seriously,always the first to criticise his own work. He tried to create gripping plots, often with his tongue firmly in his cheek.

When asked his tip for aspiring film makers once, he answered:

"Just do it. Find a workable team of actors and crew. Give them a good experience. Something they will always remember. And work VERY, VERY hard..."



Porduced by TrashArts and Murlyn FIlm International Fixer is an indie thriller based on a short film made for Southamptons 48 Hour FIlm Challenge in 2016, afterwards writer and FIXER himself Phil Lyndon wanted to expand it into a feature film and to bring back the director Sam Mason Bell, along with most of the cast.

Fixer Synopsis- Murlyn Films International and Trash Arts presents 'FIXER' M.P Thomas Chalk will stop at nothing to secure his seat, enlisting his "FIXER" to take care of any opposition. Tired of his son Adam's debauched lifestyle, he suggests Fixer take him under his weather beaten wing to show him 'some of lifes horrors.'


Trailer- https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YzJTMgJ4U8I

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