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In light of recent recommendations from the government, and concern for our staff and customers we have decided to pause all events here at The Wedgewood Rooms with immediate effect, and for the foreseeable future, until we have all weathered the incoming storm.

We will obviously be monitoring how things progress and will take the appropriate action and advice from the professionals and will keep you informed.

We are currently working to reschedule as may shows as we can, on a show by show basis. Unfortunately some of the shows may well be cancelled completely. This is a bit of a logistics nightmare so please bear with us whilst we systematically work through.

We will send out weekly bulletins and updates about specific shows, in the afternoon  on a Monday, to keep you all informed. The first one of these will follow later today. You should also receive clarification emails via Musicglue if you bought online.

To all those people who have sent the venue and its staff messages we would like to say thank you for your support. 

For those of you who have offered help and financial/fundraising support a very large thank you. We’re currently reviewing what is available to us and how we will proceed. So check in on us every now and then online to see where we’re at.

For the time being the best way to support us is to come to shows when we are through the other side. 

At the moment there are many independent businesses that need your support as they are still trading, please support them.

Whilst we are closed for shows we will be trying to find a use for the building that can benefit the community along with deep cleaning and redecorating.

We are determined to get through this and return when safe to do so.

Stay Safe and once again thanks

All of us at The Wedge  x

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If you wish to show support for The Wedge in this difficult time please read, and sign




Read our Open Letter to Boris Johnson at the Music Venue Trust website HERE:

Music Venue Trust has today issued an open letter calling on Boris Johnson to take immediate action to protect Britain's Grassroots Music Venues. The Prime Minister must act immediately to:

1. Immediately announce legal measures to temporarily close the UK's Grassroots Music Venues in response to the Coronavirus outbreak

2. Cancel the Festival of Britain 2022 - a one-off cultural event that the government has ring-fenced £120 million to deliver

3. Reallocate the £120 million to create a Cultural Infrastructure Hardship Relief Fund, delivering funding to grassroots music venues, theatres, arts centres and other social and cultural spaces forced to close by the Coronavirus

The government has committed £120 million to delivering an event that no one in the public has demanded, and many sectors of the public simply do not want. It has little backing in the cultural and creative industries and is neither urgent nor necessary. The entire Grassroots Music Venue sector can be mothballed for eight weeks and saved permanently for just one third of the money the government has already allocated to this single event. With the remaining £80 million the government could create a Cultural Sector Hardship Relief Fund. That fund could take action to support our grassroots music venues, theatres, arts centres, community pubs, all the spaces that are vital hubs of culture and social interaction in our communities.

Music Venue Trust has provided government with all the information they need to take action. We have laid out the challenges, proposed the solutions, and tried to work with government on positive action to manage an immediate public health crisis with long term, structured, achievable solutions. We remain committed to doing that and want you to work with us. But this solution is simple, adds nothing to the demands on the public purse and will work:

Cancel the Festival of Britain 2022: Save Britain’s Grassroots Culture. Categories: News



Following on from the new Government  advice on social distancing measures  we need to review The Wedgewood Rooms’ policy regarding the Corona Virus and its impact on the staff , customers and the venue.

At all times staff and public safety is in the forefront of our minds

We will publish our decisions here and on our Social Media by end of play on Wednesday 18th March.

Please bear with us in what is a difficult time , whilst  we work out what needs to be done.

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Here at the Wedge we are taking advice on the pandemic from NHS England, the Government, Citation (our Health & Safety Advisors), and The Music Venues Trust (our trade body).

As things stand today, 13th March, it is business as usual. We have reviewed our internal cleaning procedures, and followed all the available advice.

We will continue to put on shows which might take your mind off the current crisis.

Should this change, we will follow official guidelines.

If we have to close the venue, or cancel shows we will endeavour to reschedule them for later in the year.  If shows are cancelled then we will refund you in full as always. Keep an eye on our social media for updates.

We would advise that any tickets you buy should be via our website or Musicglue, this will allow us to keep you up to date with any date changes.

Thank you for your continued support.


Stay Safe

All At The Wedge

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