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Limited Edition - Dani Hackett
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Limited Edition - Dani Hackett


To celebrate our 25th  anniversary, The Wedgewood Rooms are teaming up with local artists to bring you exclusive limited edition Wedgewood Rooms T-shirts.

The aim of these T-shirts is to both celebrate the Wedgewood Rooms history, but also to promote some of Portsmouth’s best artists!

 This project will be an extension of those previous collaborations between local artists and the venue. 

Each local artist has based their design on what The Wedgewood Rooms means to them in their own unique artistic style. For each design we will print a limited batch of 50 T-shirts, with a new shirt being launched every few months.


The first T-shirt we will be releasing is by Dani Hackett, a local artist who works at the venue!

 Read below to see her previous work and hear the inspiration behind her design.

“My T-shirt design for the Wedgewood Rooms was a particular interest of mine since it has been such a big part of my life for the past few years. I wanted to portray the nautical background of Southsea, and also capture the history of the area. I was inspired by old engravings by JMW Turner, an artist that captured the ferocity and beauty of the ocean, and the combination of the waves with the impressive old style ships. Obviously, being a music venue, I couldn’t leave out the aspect of music, and so I wanted to merge the two ideas together with the musical instruments to create a lively image that captured the energy of a Wedgewood Rooms gig.”


See more of Dani's work HERE


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Welcome to the new Wedge merchandise page.

Here are a selection of  New Wedge T-Shirt designs.

All our T- Shirts are mail order, and screen printed onto quality Organic Cotton Shirts.

Buying your Wedge T-Shirt is simple, click on the Design you require, Click on the Buy button, then select the size you want.

The T-Shirt will delivered straight to your door.

Over the next months we will be adding new limited edition designs from local artists, to celebrate our 25th Birthday.




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